Wine tasting in Palatinate Wine Region, Germany

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I attended a short summer course in Landau, Germany. The programme was tight and most evenings we either relaxed or toured the Landau city and its environs.

 One of the memorable evenings was the wine tasting experience at one of the oldest vineyard.

Wine production is quite an exquisite process that starts by understanding the best climatic conditions required for quality grape fruits to the delicate handling and grading of the grapes for quality wine. A few tests were done to check on the sugar levels of the grapes followed by a visit to the factory to appreciate the wine making process.

Finally a few products both alcoholic and non-alcoholic were ours for the tasting.

Lesson learnt, even an individual requires the right environment to enjoy quality life – to be the best they can possibly be!



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“Wine tasting in Palatinate Wine Region, Germany”

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