Sustainability, Youth and Passion

I spent 17 days attending the YES Kenya 2012 course at Elsamere Field center, Naivasha.
With 30 plus participants from Bosnia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, Serbia, Somaliland, Switzerland and Uganda. I must say the team was vibrant, crazy and fun to be with. 

YES Kenya 2012 Participants! Pictures by Jenny from Canada
Fun way of introducing self…. your name and draw something that you like.
What is sustainability? 
This was the first question asked. Most of us had ideas of what sustainability is all about, but needed the training to understand. 
The overall objective of the course was and still is to help and train youths to understand the complexity and multiple facets of sustainability concepts and to discuss ways to a more sustainable world.

The course was intense with lots of things and stuff to learn from Social systems, Business and sustainability, Economics and Finance, Policy and development, Food Systems, Water and sanitation, Energy and Creative art. 
Our creative side… “WE” team YESKenya2012 painted this!!
I did paint/draw/write. I had to do the HAKUNA MATATA slogan…

Attending the course enlightened me and improved my knowledge on Sustainability. I found myself asking what my role in all these is.
 It was a wake up call for me to do the “little” thing I’m capable and passionate about.

It should always start with you, however small.
We can’t grow the economy beyond the environment.
Take responsibility and demand responsibility!
Listen, talk and engage with the very people.
Work with people who are like minded!!!
Experience alot to integrate and learn.
Make people feel valued in your programs. 

Nutrition should be the main driver of Agriculture. What else is agriculture for?
There is no food security without nutrition security.

 As youths, we have the energy, knowledge, ability and opportunity to do what we are passionate about. We should act now!! 

 Have a Happy week and Be Nice!!!
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