Photodiary: Holi the festival of colour

Well, they say better late than never!

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of celebrating the Holi festival in Pushkar, India. This I did with six other fun seeking Kenyans, with the whole trip having been organised by the lovely @lindamatama of @wheninroam_ke

Holi is a Hindu Festival and one of the most celebrated festivals in both India and Nepal. It is a fun affair celebrated by people of all ages, religions and status, and is meant to mark the beginning of spring after the cold season. Its all about love friendship and forgiveness. On the streets, people throw, smear and spray each other with bright rich powder colours as they walk to the celebration venues. Most of the colours are natural while some are perfumed and can easily wash off.

You do need to wear coconut oil first before heading out to the colour party tho!

For the Holi colours to be showcased nicely, we clad in white pieces which we later disposed off!


Photography by @lindamatama and @iwamuyu

Keep well!

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