Lake Manyara National Park

When Bush-Thorn Adventures and Safaris advertised their Lake Manyara package, I was sold, I knew I had to do this. For one it was a road trip to a neighboring country an opportunity to experience something new. Second and most important, this was an opportunity to see the famous tree climbing lions of Lake Manyara national park.

Where is Lake Manyara? you may ask. 

Lake Manyara national park is in the republic of Tanzania, approximately three hours from Arusha town. The road is excellent and there is not much to see along the way, only the Maasai people herding their livestock and plenty of acacia bushes.

We were pulled over close to five times by the Tanzanian traffic police, I didn’t care to find out but I suspect it was something to do with traffic safety.

Apart from the police stops, we did make two stops to enjoy the savanna landscape, stock up on snacks and check out some paintings.
We got to the park at around 12.30 and spent a tedious one and a half Hour with the ticketing process after which we set out for the game drive at 2.00 p.m. Erick our guide was quick to welcome us and brief us on the history of Lake Manyara National park and the famous ‘tree climbing’ lions. The big Q in everyone’s mind was… Why tree climbing lions?

Here goes the story….

Lake Manyara is prone to frequent floods in some sections. This is not healthy for the cat family – When lions or any member of the cat family stays  on wet ground for long periods; their paws get infected and start to rot. To avoid this, the lions at Lake Manyara spend considerable time lounging on top of trees hence the name “tree climbing lions”.

The other reason though not sufficient enought is to avoid enermies or predators such as cobras and hyenas..

The area had experienced heavy downpour prior to our arrival thus flooding in some sections of the park, thus, we were not lucky enough to see any tree climbing lions on that day and hope to have better luck next time we visit.

However, we managed to see other wildlife animals and birds.

Photography by Fuchiuristic.


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Keep well!

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