Kitengela Glass House

Kitengela Hot Glass is one lovely place, full of beautiful pieces of art made out of recycled glass. Of course there are other artistic pieces made from recycled metal, wood and other locally available materials, but its main up-cycle material is glass. The glass house is located in Rongai which is about 45 minutes from Nairobi.

In need of an out of town expedition, I got to know of the Kitengela glass expedition that was organized by a local safari promoting group Bush-Thorns Adventures. I made sure to book early and psyche myself for the day.
To access Kitengela glass, you can either drive directly to the place or walk cross a swaying bridge. The bridge, may I say, sends chills down your spine especially if one has acrophobia.

The tour included a guide, Kibe, who has spent most of his adult life at Kitengela glass and who at a fee offers to guide through the beauty that is Kitengela glass giving us a brief history of the place.

We met Kibe in a field nearby as the team for the day was warming up and familiarizing with the environment and each other as most of the group members were strangers. ┬áTo get to the house, we proceeded to walk over the dreaded foot bridge over river Rongai. The bridge is well put and completely safe. It took an hour and half for everyone to cross over with the majority of us having a fear of heights. Of course there is another route but it’s more fun and adventurous to use the bridge.

The recycled glass pieces are beautiful, it takes approximately 7 days to complete one piece, from the melting of the glass, designing the item and cooling it to a fine end product. I was privileged to witness the creation of a flower vase and I must say I appreciate the effort and work of the lovely people at Kitengela Glass House.

Photography by Fuchiuristic

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