Kereita forest hike + cave and waterfall

I first visited Kereita forest way back in 2007/8 as a research assistant. I was assisting a PhD student in data collection.
Kereita forest forms the Southern part of greater Aberdare Range. The forest covers a total area of 4,722 hectares, with 80% being indigenous forest, 16% of exotic forest plantation mainly cypress and 4% grassland. Valleys and ridges are some of the characteristics that best describe the forest. The forest is also a natural reservoir of carbon dioxide where company like Carbacid harvest.

The forest is home to about 200 elephants, actually its a maternity ward for the elephants as Peter described. After 24 months, this is where elephants come to deliver their calves.
Kenya Forest service (KFS) is actively involved in forest management and conservation. It regulates forest resource use such as exotic tree management, grazing in the forest and wood collection.
There is KENVO, a local NGO actively involved in Outreach and forest restoration activities. Our guide Peter is an active member.
And there’s Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) working hand in hand, with the other two to ensure wildlife in well managed and conserved.
The trek is easy, we traversed through the indigenous and exotic forests and the grassland. The team maintained a pace that was comfortable to everyone as we enjoyed wild berries. Our first stop was the elephant swimming pool which is simply a pool of muddy water where elephants cool off.
We then proceed to the caves and water fall. The caves are next to the water fall. To access the two, it is a down hill affair which requires working breaks and reliable support. The trees provide the support.
We got to the falls at noon and immediately we started picture taking and counting bats in the caves.
I personally think that all water falls offer incredible views and experiences.
We removed our shoes and dipped our feet in the ice cold water as we munched on our snacks. We bonded as we told stories. It is so cool and comfortable down at the water fall. You can actually enjoy a peaceful nap.
After spending an hour at the water fall, it was time to trek back to the shuttle. We maintained a slow pace, used any opportunity to take pictures at all interesting point.
There are plenty of tse tse flies especially in the indigenous forest, they bite but it bearable. I never got sick or infected. Always carry insect repellent.






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I could not miss out on a jumpie!

I could not miss out on a jumpie!

 Keep well.

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