Kanzalu hill – (08.02.2015)

Kanzalu Hill is by far my best adventure.

The scenery is simply breathing taking and the experience so worthwhile

Kanzalu Hill is in Machakos County, via Kangundo road all the way to Tala town. From Tala town its roughly 7 km to Thui using the rough dusty road that goes to Matungulu Boys High School and other small centers. Thui forms the start point of the trail.
I do not recall seeing any public shuttles (matatus) on that route but there are plenty of motor bikes that ply the route costing between KES 200 – 300 ( $ 2-4) depending on your negotiation skills.
The area is very fertile and green with coffee, banana, maize plantations among others.

Adventure Three sixty Kenya in conjunction with Bush – Thorns Adventures and Safarismanaged and organized the adventure at a fee of KES 2,200. This catered for transport, a bottle of water, a local guide and of course food.

At Thui, we set out for the adventure and a few minutes later, we were joined by a group of about seven young boys from the area. Having climbed the hill so many times, they laughed at some of us as we struggled to tackle the hill. They also showed us how to climb, like where to step, how to hold onto the roots and vines and where not sit due to bedbugs.
They are knowledgeable boys who entertained us all through the whole experience.
There was rock climbing, butt sliding and getting on our fours all but to access one location of the hill to another using tree roots, stems and rocks for support. My personal favorite was the butt sliding to get from rock to another which I must say I thoroughly enjoyed. This was nostalgic as it reminded me of my childhood back when we would visit our ‘shagz’ for Christmas in patched shorts it was hard to tell what was the original butt fabric (pun intended). Of course, the downside to this is a behind that hurt and painful muscles a week later.
If your relationship with heights is wanting, I don’t recommend Kanzalu hill but then again nothing is impossible.

Hands up if you’ve been to Kanzalu Hills, l salute you!
Tembea Kenya, tambua Kenya!

Photographers, asanteni sana.

Thanks for passing by.
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