I want

I pray this year be better than the last,
I want to be a better person, Please help me God!

I want to be a better daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, lover, listener, colleague.
I want to make changes to better me,
I want to concentrate on what makes me happy,
I want to be Happy,
I want inner peace,
I want Harmony in my life,
 I want peace, harmony and love in Kenya and the World.

I ask for forgiveness from all of you
that I hurt,
I forgive those who hurt me,
I want to start 2013 with no burdens.

I want to do what I do to my best,
To carefully watch my actions,
That I may not annoy or hurt anyone,

May all of you experience love and kindness in your hearts.

Have a Marvelous 2013 filled with joy, happiness and laughter.
Remember, Be good always!

God be with us all.



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