Elefantastic afternoon

After the colours festival and visiting several historical forts in Jaipur, it was time to bond with the Asian elephant. Elefantastic sanctuary was the place to be at for the experience!

Rahul who runs the sanctuary was happy to welcome us with drinks at hand. These
– both cold and hot -are in plenty with the choice of drink being yours. (I would recommend to try the Masala chai). He briefed us on the history and the reason behind Elefantastic.

The sanctuary has 24 elephants, 22 females and 2 males with the oldest being 52 years. It was started in 2012 with the aim of rehabilitating domesticated Asian elephants used in elephant tourism in Jaipur.
Through the Human – Elephant interaction program, Elefantastic sanctuary has made it possible for people of all walks of life to participate in elephant rehabilitation. Through employment of the local community, the sanctuary has ensured that each elephant has its own care taker  for comfort in terms of feeding and regular health checks of the animal.

Two people are assigned to one elephant. To create a bond with the elephant, you have to stand close enough for it it to smell you,  gently patting it as you feed it with sugarcane and alfafa bought from the locals. This goes on for say 30 minutes as the elephant relaxes and allows for other activities, such as elephant painting. This is much more fun as you are let to allow your imagination flow using the many colours available.

Only natural colours made from bamboo are used.
You then get to bath the elephants once you have had enough of painting. Also, you can enjoy a 30 minutes ride if you are game! A delicious vegetarian meal is served at the end of the whole experience prepared by Rahul’s mother!

A maximum of three hours per day per elephant is what is set for the Human – Elephant interaction program.

 This is an amazing experience that leaves both you and the elephant happy.


Keep well!

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