Crater Lake Trek

Crater Lake is one of the peaceful and beautiful places you can visit in Naivasha. An hour and a half drive from Nairobi.
The lake belongs to a group of individuals who run the hotel, restaurant and the wildlife sanctuary. If I remember right, the game sanctuary was started in the 80s while the hotel and restaurant were established in the 90s.
Back in the days, they offered services such as dining in the wild, where visitors/tourists could be picked from the gate using wagons.

I must say, the atmosphere at the Lake is so calm and relaxing. Our main activities for the day were a game drive and trekking the 5 km trail around the Lake.
Buffaloes, zebras, warthogs, giraffes and gazelles were among the wild animals we managed to see.
For the trek, you need to get a guide from the hotel. The trek is easy and the view of the crater lake up the rim is magnificent.

 Photography by Fuchiuristic. 

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