Chebloch Gorge

They say the most beautiful of memories are made from ‘random’ adventures as they offer quite the thrill with no prior knowledge of what to expect.

A random road trip found me meandering through the beautiful and captivating hills and woodlands to Eldoret from Kabarnet town, Baringo County. A close friend nicknamed “Elephant” floated the road trip idea and I was game since I had not visited the area before. Having previously heard of Chebloch Gorge from my sister and cousin I was really curious to know what the fuss was all about. The drive was smooth and the shimmers of the evening sunset offered an even more beautiful view of the landscape.

I must say the shinny smooth blackish/greyish rocks of the gorge offer quite a captivating view as River Kerio flows through.
On alighting, a young man came towards us, greeted us and informed us he was a member of Kerio Divers. He goes ahead and tells us that him and other young men are members of a group that charge a fee to willing spectators to dive into River Kerio at the gorge.
The gorge though beautiful is hauntingly so. It has jagged edges and is quite deep with talk of having crocodiles. There is no way I was going to pay someone to dive into a gorge that gave me the chills. However, ‘Elephant’ was sold to the idea. He was a willing spectator and
quite camera happy to capture it all. I was only too glad to watch this from a distance as the happy young men somersaulted in the air before diving into the cold River Kerio.
The fee varies depending with the diving depth. 150 feet will cost you KES 150 while 200 feet will cost you KES 200.

Diving is how these young men of Kerio Divers earn their living.

It’s actually a registered group. We got it from one of the divers that they started diving from a young age but started the group back in 2010 as a way of earning an income instead of engaging in other not so good activities, I respect that!
Next time you in Kabarnet, visit Chebloch gorge and get to meet and interact with theĀ  young divers.

Photography by Fuchiuristic.














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