Chania Falls

I will not have done justice to my Karuru Falls experience without mentioning Chania falls.

During the introductory briefing at Aberdare National Park Tree top gate, Martin, our guide, mentioned Chania falls as worth a visit. It being along the way, the team decided to add Chania Falls to the itinerary so as to visit it after Karuru falls within the same day. This arrangement was done way before the fall out and formation of semi groups in the bus. Soon after Karuru falls, we drove back with the plan in mind being to pass through Chania falls.

Remember the two camps that came to be through the hike-game drive fiasco, well, camp 2 were not for the idea as they were still angry at feeling duped. They say life is what you make of the moments that come your way. Your outlook of these moments really does influence the outcome. So it came as a big shock to me when camp 2 decided to boycott seeing Chania falls and opted to remain in the bus as a way of protesting.

Fortunately for me, I was with camp 1, who despite the fiasco, had decided to live the moment and were still up to the Chania falls plan. Being the group with the majority in numbers, we won the day and thus the bus had to stop at the beautiful Chania falls.

It is amazingly beautiful, easily accessible with well put steps and ropes for support. It’s cool when you get to the bottom of the falls with minimal showers. It was a short affair since time was not on our side + the surrounding drama.

I enjoyed Chania falls more than I did Karuru falls. With the right company and proper organization, I will definitely be going back to visit.


Thank you for passing by.


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